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A shot of some people reaching towards the camera, underwater

Thinking Through The Flesh

A review of Lidia Yuknavitch's new memoir, The Chronology of Water.
A view of the night sky, with stars visible

The Consolation of ‘Constellations’

A review of Sinéad Gleeson's new memoir.
a painting of a skill, sat atop a desk, with a quill resting partly in its mouth.

‘If We Were Villains’: Caught in long shadow of ‘The Secret...

Does M.L Rio's debut novel prioritise style over substance?
Circe, sat on an ornate chair, arms outstretched, holding a golden cup.

The Magic of Madeline Miller’s ‘Circe’

An exploration of the way Madeline Miller finds beauty in sadness.

Hartnell’s ‘Bodies’: Hugely readable

A review of Medieval Bodies by Jack Hartnell (Wellcome Collection, 2019, 352 pages)
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