Saturday, January 22, 2022
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Oxford research finds sharp reduction in children’s hospital admissions

Research conducted at Oxford University has revealed that as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic there has been a dramatic reduction in hospital admissions for children. 

Ground-breaking turtle tracker developed at Oxford

Two Oxford PhD students have developed SnapperGPS, a low cost, low power wildlife tracking system the size of a pound coin that has revealed unexpectedly diverse behaviour among turtles.

Oxford identify gene that doubles COVID-19 death risk

"The high-risk gene is thought to prevent cells in the lungs and airways from responding to the virus as they should, therefore, increasing the risk of organ failure."

Money Talk: An Oxford DPhil student

It’s that time of the year again when final year students who have an appetite for research begin applying to PhD programs. This is...

Oxford researchers declare need for cohesive action on deforestation

A team of political and environmental researchers, including Oxford’s Professor Connie McDermott, came together on October 19th to issue an urgent warning: more inclusive and coherent global action was desperately needed to save forests and avert severe social, economic, and environmental disruption. 
An Oxford building against a light blue sky.

Six Oxford academics awarded Philip Leverhulme Prizes

"Six early-career academics from Oxford University have been awarded £100,000 each in prize money from the Leverhulme Trust after being named amongst the recipients of the 2021 Philip Leverhulme Prizes."

The discovery of a true Welsh dragon

"Pendraig helps us to understand how these island communities would have lived. It is quite remarkable that, deep in the ancient past, the UK would have been a tropical paradise filled with dinosaurs."

In Conversation With Dr. Robert Lefkowitz

Eight-year-old Robert Lefkowitz was a man (well, boy) with a plan. Inspired by his family physician, Dr Feibush, he knew he wanted to become...

Antibiotic resistance driven by host immunity and rapid evolution

The study reports that rapid bacterial evolution interacts with the host's immunity to shape both the rise, and fall, of resistance during infection.

Research finds pregnant women at high risk from COVID-19

The researchers aimed to understand the effects of COVID-19 in pregnancy by amassing robust data on pregnant women with and without a diagnosis of COVID-19. This was a vital step for a number of reasons: to ensure that families understand the risks involved, mothers and babies receive the best possible care, and so that health resources, such as vaccines may be appropriately allocated. Until the release of this paper, the quality of information available has been limited.