Friday, January 22, 2021
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    Tag: Russian Revolution

    The Death of Stalin review – ‘it straddles that oh-so-narrow line...

    Christopher Goring enjoys the satire of Iannucci’s warped world behind the Iron Curtain

    Passion over party in Pasternak’s Russia

    Maria Minchenko marks the Russian Revolution centenary by casting her mind back to one of cinema's classics

    Science fiction that shaped the Revolution

    Daniel Antonio Villar looks at the impact of Red Star, by Alexander Bognadov

    Sowing the seeds for the Eastern bloc’s sexual revolution

    Chantal Marauta explores the life of Russian Revolutionary feminist Alexandra Kollontai and her fight for gender equality

    Revolutionary artists: from creatives to criminals

    Catherine Cibulskis reflects on the dramatic evolution of Russian art in the immediate aftermath of the revolution

    “A Mythical Future”: Katya Rogatchevskaia on the Russian Revolution

    The British Librarian curator discusses her exhibition Russian Revolution: Hope, Tragedy, Myths

    Reconsidering the Lobster: Wallace’s Dostoyevsky

    David Foster Wallace cuts to the core of what makes Dostoyevsky invaluable, writes Barney Pite.

    Project 1917: The revolution will be tweeted

    The historical Project 1917 is bringing new life to the Russian Revolution, writes Lucy Enderby

    “You know it’s the centenary of the Russian Revolution, right?”

    James Tibbles sees a disconnect between Russian and British approaches to the Revolution’s centenary

    The Russian Revolution was a kind of orgy

    Altair Brandon-Salmon is thrilled by the British Library's exhibition marking the centenary of the Russian Revolution