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Thursday, June 23, 2022

Tag: sexuality

“Not your best Judy”: The gay man’s misogyny

Fiónn McFadden discusses the problem of misogyny among gay men and how it relates to the stereotype of the "gay best friend".

Dirk Bogarde’s Psychosexual Nightmare

"But when I talk of Bogarde ‘telling the story of himself’ through his performances, I’m not just talking about a few quirked eyebrows and suggestive comments. What shines through in so many of his films is compelling bitterness. Within the Wildean wit and affable flamboyance was a cold, grudge-bearing streak: he had a number of fellow actors and directors  whom he inexplicably viciously turned against, including John Mills and Richard Attenborough. On film work, he stated flippantly but firmly in a letter to film critic Dilys Powell, "I detest the job and most of the time I detest the people.""

Review: V-Card by Alison Hall // Blue Moon Theatre

'The university-set dating satire provides a perfect balance of authenticity, heart and nuanced observations on student sexuality.'

In Conversation With Mae Martin

There’s something slightly surreal about emailing someone whose comedy routines regularly pop up on your Facebook feed, whose new hit comedy ‘Feel Good’ got...

Out of the Frame: Praxiteles’ Aphrodite of Knidos

As long as humanity has existed, art has followed in its wake. Whether to tell a story, send a political message, decorate an environment...

Queer Theory

As we go into LGBT+ History Month, many figures throughout history - modern or not - are looked upon and celebrated, and rightly so....

Lady Pat. R. Honising – Cowley Clinic Calling …

Dear Lady P,  I was so excited to come to Oxford: nights out, new people, and...sex. A far cry from the sheltered suburb of my...

The Sensuality of Female Loneliness

Erica Garza’s memoir, Getting Off, about her struggle with porn and sex addiction concludes with her looking back on a photograph on her as...

Love/Sick: An anthology of romantic adrenaline and hysteria

A production that tackles what is the most enigmatic of all human experiences: love.

Skin a Cat Review – ‘rethinks simplistic sexual narratives’

Britomart Productions' honest exploration of female sexuality is on at the BT Studio until Saturday.

Sexualisation in music: liberation or objectification?

Art and creative expression have always made up our social and sensitive nature, from telling stories, to performing primal dances, to painting scenes of human experience on cave walls.

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