Saturday, January 23, 2021
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    Review: Simon Armitage’s ‘Sandette Light Vessel Automatic’ (Faber, 2019).

    Their physical manifestations seem so much a part of the poetic experience that seeing them on a page, relying only on written descriptions for their original context, is almost a tease – a promise of the possibility of an even fuller experience.

    Professor of Poetry Simon Armitage named next Poet Laureate

    Simon Armitage, the current Oxford Professor of Poetry, has been named the next UK Poet Laureate.
    Original manuscript, showing a man in a red coat holding a bardiche, and a headless man on a horse.

    Armitage’s Gawain: translating in wylde wayeȝ

    "Translation is not without flaws – it cannot help but alter authorial voice, although the degree to which this takes place is certainly not consistent."