Tuesday, August 24, 2021
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    Dip your toe into Schitt’s Creek

    Schitt’s Creek is a show where the main character talks to her many, many wigs. It is a show which manages to make a...

    A Recipe for the ‘Great British Sitcom’

    It seems difficult to think of anything so integrally British as the phenomenon known as the ‘Great British Sitcom’. Up there with scones, Big...

    Funny before Fleabag- the best flawed female sitcom characters

    Although seemingly it is a truth universally acknowledged, we need to reiterate that Fleabag was one of the best sitcoms broadcast in years. From its three-dimensional...

    Could Friends be any more problematic?

    Rewatching the sitcom in 2018 makes me feel uncomfortable

    ‘Plebs’ triumphs despite low expectations

    Katie Sayer finds much to love in the recently-renewed adult sitcom