Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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    Balliol College apologises for 300 years of taking money linked to...

    “Of course, looking back on this now we are sorry that we took those donations — whatever might have been in the minds of people who took them at the time.”

    Remembering ‘Comfort Women’, survivors of atrocities the world didn’t know about...

    On 14th August, Oxford marked the anniversary of the truth about Japanese sex slavery during WWII being revealed to the world.

    St John’s creates post to research its colonial past

    The first post of its kind at Oxbridge, the research will focus on “explor[ing] connections between the college and colonialism".

    The All Souls scholarship shows progress, but is a token gesture

    In the face of All Souls' continued defence of regressive customs, we should not commend the college for its complacency, writes Priya Vempali

    The freshers’ ‘slave auction’ wasn’t just ill-judged banter. It goes deeper

    Saying "they can't take a joke" suggests that slavery can be a joke

    A flawed man with a revolutionary aim

    Ethan Croft explores Philippe Girard's admirable Toussaint Louverture: a revolutionary life