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    Creation, Not Art: At the Table with Ethaney Lee of @tenderherbs

    CW : mention of disordered eating, body dysmorphia Ethaney Lee welcomes you to @tenderherbs. From her inventive take on the Instagram business byline with “ethnic grocery...

    Slumber Party Pop: A New Authenticity with Chappell Roan

    Everything about Chappell Roan is DIY. A glint of becoming shines through her music and style. Not only is the 24-year old’s look intended...

    Conundrums of an ungenerous oversharer

    "It’s telling that we call them ‘stories’. The word ‘story’ says it all. Because it’s true, it is a story. No one really knows why you’re telling it, and neither do you, but you tell it anyway."

    Leader: BeReal has the potential to change student social media usage for the better

    If there’s anything that defined my teenage years and early adulthood, it’s Instagram. I try as hard as I can to resist the shallow...

    Main Character Syndrome

    "The library is as much an opportunity to look sexy and mysterious, couched in panelled oak and dim lighting, as it is a place for reluctant study."

    Oxfess: Why the fixation?

    Let’s imagine it’s night-time, you’ve settled in for an early one after a long old day, and you decide to innocently scroll through the...

    Review – Stolen Focus: Why You Can’t Pay Attention

    a review of the book 'Stolen Focus' by Johann Hari

    Generation Sharent: Are Hyper-Exposed Children the Price of Social Media Fame?

    "While parents' desire to share the lives of their little ones are often borne out of the best intentions, a child’s right to determine the course of their lives on their own terms, on-and-offline, should take precedence."

    Review – Zola

    Melding literary mystique with a sugary, hyper-digital aesthetic, Bravo plays within a territory of cinema yet to be charted.

    Objectify me: Social media and the perils of the aesthetic

    Instagram necessitates such a reduction of character, and this forces us all to ask, when my life is reduced to just a few images, what do I want them to say?

    Chinese diplomats’ Twitter use analysed in Oxford study

    The report claims that China has “significantly expanded its online public diplomacy efforts”.

    Why the feminists in my college still call me a whore

    CW: rape Last month, as the United Kingdom reeled from the murder of Sarah Everard, we found ourselves realising once again what it means to...

    Alternative media: how are we getting our information?

    "Facebook, Twitter, Twitch and YouTube are great sources of information and will become the main ones for many of us. This in itself is not a negative; technology adapts, and the way people live their lives adapts with technology - but so must regulations and laws" W A Whitten discusses how alternative forms of media are shaping news reporting.

    Everything wrong with social media infographics: an informative thread

    "Infographics also generate slacktivism, which gives you the warm fuzzy feeling of doing something and creating change, whilst in reality not much is being done." Anvee Bhutani investigates the problems inherent in social media infographics.

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