Tuesday, March 2, 2021
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    Somerville students raise over £30 000 to support George Floyd protesters

    A Facebook fundraising page started by Somerville students to provide legal support to protesters in the USA has raised over £30,000 since Saturday. The...

    The formation and growth of Somerville-Corpus Women’s Rugby Football Club

    At the start of this term, after years of trying to establish a women’s team, the Somerville-Corpus Women’s Rugby Football Club held their inaugural...

    Somerville College announces new postgraduate scholarship for refugees

    Somerville College has announced that it is launching a new refugee scholarship. The scholarship will offer a fully funded place to study at Somerville...

    Ex-University employee pleads guilty to US murder

    Andrew Warren, who was a treasury assistant at Somerville College at the time of the murder, attacked his victim while he was sleeping as part of a 'sexual fantasy'.

    No squidding! Time to ink again about octopus terrine?

    Having a plate of octopus – a food I don’t think any half-educated person should need to have pointed out is not a staple of the British working class – set down in front of you at your first formal dinner at Oxford firmly joins knowing which type of gown to buy in the latter category.

    The Lady’s Mad Review – ‘a triumph’

    Paul Nash is captivated by Thistledown Theatre's production of Rebekah King's new play.

    Somerville Choir to tour India

    Somerville's College Choir to tour India on a charitable trip later this month

    Somerville all-women panel highlights plight of female refugees

    The World Refugee Day discussion comes in a series of panels aiming to give women a greater platform

    ‘Dirty protest’ against Somerville’s newly gender-neutral toilets

    An email from Somerville's JCR president requested that the perpetrator "refrain from being a barbaric idiot"

    Somerville’s ‘non-binary’ signs draw criticism

    New signs were attached directly over the old with velcro