Friday, January 22, 2021
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    "From a space we might call "above", an Entity watches - gargantuan, unfathomable, other."

    Apollo 11 (2019)- An Interview with archival producer Stephen Slater

    Mattie O'Donovan speaks with Stephen Slater, the chief archival producer for Apollo 11, a new, critically lauded documentary on the first moon landing.

    A whole new world: NASA’s pioneering search for life

    Jonathan Stark explains how the TESS satellite will help us find new life

    US and Russian space agencies to work on new moon-orbiting space...

    The agreement demonstrates NASA's belief that the key to future space exploration is co-operation

    Oxford scientists to build world’s largest telescope

    When completed, the optical telescope will assist in “exploring the unknown”

    Race to the Red Planet

    From NASA to SpaceX, Matthew Nicholson outlines why we want to go to Mars, and who is going to take us there.

    A sequel packed with character and heart

    "Director James Gunn has crafted one of the funniest and most genuinely moving Marvel films I can remember." Calum Bradshaw has his doubts hushed by Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2

    Spacecraft gets between Saturn and its rings

    Irteza Ishraq takes a look at the latest developments in understanding Saturn's rings

    Researchers capture most detailed glimpse of early star formation

    Irteza Ishraq explores the nature and science of star formation.