Friday, October 22, 2021
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Playing the (Long) Game: Starmer’s party address

"If one overall theme emerged from Starmer's speech, it would be this: we are going to play the game this time, and we are going to try to play it well."

The rights and responsibilities of fighting ‘evil speeches’

We violate our liberties if we give way to censorship, but freedom should not entail letting hate speech go unchallenged

Iraq is not a twentieth century Crusade

Oxford historian Christopher Tyerman delivers a polemic speech against rhetorical comparisons between the war on terror and the crusades

Bernie Sanders, the hero we need but don’t deserve

The former presidential candidate is popular not because he is a populist, but because he addresses the real economic and social issues voters care about

Theresa May to lock Britain in a small and dark cupboard

Stephen Hawes reports on one of the darkest speeches in Britain’s history