Monday, September 20, 2021
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    Tag: St John's College

    North Oxford developers meet with St John’s MCR to discuss meeting...

    Several key issues that have been raised include biodiversity, traffic and pollution, and affordability of homes.
    Professor Dame Sue Black

    St John’s College announce Professor Dame Sue Black as President-elect

    Professor Dame Sue Black is a world-renowned forensic scientist who is currently the Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Engagement at Lancaster University.

    Wolvercote residents campaign against St. John’s College Oxford North development

    "Wolvercote residents led an hour-long socially-distanced protest outside St. John’s College on Friday to show their displeasure with the college’s plans to redevelop the green-belt land which it holds in North Oxford."

    Lamb and Flag could be turned into community asset

    The historic Lamb and Flag pub could be protected from demolition under the scheme proposed by the Liberal Democrats.