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The Oxford Revue: A Room with Revue

'a simple and clever production which ranks as one of the most enjoyable shows I've seen all year'

Daddy Longlegs: a Big Step Up for Student Production

"Daddy Longlegs went above and beyond the standard I’ve come to expect of student productions in my time at Oxford."

Gawain and the Green Knight – Review

"Gawain and the Green Knight was a play I was eager to see."

Unbodied identity? – A Review of Bodies

"Bodies captivates in its exploration of 'bodied' and 'unbodied' existence. The play challenges traditional notions of life, meaning, and identity"

Review of Tennant as Macbeth: An Auditory Experience

"Last week I took a trip to London to see the new production of Macbeth starring David Tennant at Donmar Warehouse."

“Fast-paced, witty and painfully relatable”: Review of Immaculate

'The Devil, complete with a set of black wings, is sat at the end of the row having a chat with an audience member as we arrive for the opening night of Oliver Lansley’s ‘Immaculate’ '

“A successful exploration of the play’s tension and comedy”: A review of Macbeth.

Andrew Raynes’ production of Macbeth is a successful exploration of the play’s tension and comedy, and the cast and crew should be congratulated on bringing that out. The production succeeds in creating the world of Macbeth, and is blessed with some very talented actors which help bring it to life.

Review: Punk

"Overall, Punk was fun. It was light-hearted when it needed to be, and at other points rich and profound."

“Bursts of love, hate, and everything in between”: A Review of ‘Love and Money’

"Everything was brilliantly executed, but this play is hard to watch, not only because of its subject-matter but also because of the way it unfolds."

Deuteronomy Review: Breath-taking, Heart-stopping, Terrifying

"I will be back tomorrow, and the day after; because if I never see Deuteronomy again it will be the tragedy of my life."

Review: Thamesis

"Jones’ performance was a joy to watch, and under Aspden’s expert direction they have a highly successful show on their hands."

Review: Play House and Definitely the Bahamas 

"The problem of changing from one play to the other, without an interval or blackout, was one Lawrence dealt with very competently"

A list of brilliant things about ‘Every Brilliant Thing’

"This performance... is likely to have made a lasting impression on every single person who has watched it."

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