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    High hopes, near misses, and hidden gems: the mystery of Expected Goals in the Premier League

    "Interpreting Expected Goals is a tricky business: does Brighton’s huge xG underperformance mean that we’re much better than we think, absolutely crap, or just really unlucky?"

    Over two thirds of Classics students privately educated for last five years

    Fewer than 25% of Oxford classicists attended UK state schools.

    Oxford’s access problem runs deeper than statistics alone

    Presenting Oxford’s social inequality as a number gives the impression it can be solved through a bit of adding and subtracting

    Oxford bottom for offers to students from poor neighbourhoods

    Just 2.8 per cent of the University’s intake were from students who live in areas classified as the most difficult to engage in higher education

    Oxford bucks national trend, increases number of female professors

    Despite the startling nationwide figures, Oxford has increased female representation at the top of academia

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