Monday, January 18, 2021
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    “It could have been worse”: the danger zone of sexual harassment

    Implicit in every catcall is a recognition that my existence in your world is limited to how much voyeuristic pleasure you can derive from my body. You are reminding me that by leaving my home I am apparently consenting to being sexualised by total strangers. It is symptomatic of a wider culture whereby female existence can be seen as a medium for male gratification.

    Permanent Private Halls: the good, the bad and the ugly

    Marnie Ashbridge demystifies the rumours about life in a PPH and highlights the financial challenges that they are facing without the status of an Oxford college.

    Review: BOYS

    Boys, by Ella Hickson, centres on a group of men at the crisis point between university and the real world. As both Benny and...

    An Oxford Supermarket Guide

    A student friendly review of where you should do your shopping in Oxford.

    Slow Cookers: The Future Of Student Gastronomy?

    Struggling to find the time to cook? The slow cooker may be a solution.

    Surviving on Chips, Cheese and MSGs

    Welcome to exam season, and the eating habits that accompany it

    Life without Uncle Ben

    Rediscovering the fun of cooking from scratch is one of the best things about being away from Oxford

    Life Divided: Living In or Living Out?

    Daanial Issaq Chaudhry and Fin Kavanagh's confrontation over accommodation

    Letter to: my neighbour

    Julia Alsop airs her domestic grievances

    Michaelmas reflections of a fresher

    Oxford is like a high-maintenance spouse who gives just enough to make the relationship worth it.