Tuesday, January 25, 2022
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Review: Crave

GOYA's Crave stays true to the chaotic and disturbing nature of Kane's work.
A group of people standing outside with hustlers written in front in bold white text

Review: Hustlers – ‘a refreshingly raw play’

Hoof and Horn productions impress with a candid look into prostitution and the AIDS crisis
A pair in 1920s dress sit in suits on chairs holding wine glasses

Review: Gatsby at Trinity – the ‘love for Trinity College and...

Trinity College’s prequel to the Fitzgerald novel anticipates the debauchery of the Roaring Twenties in an exceedingly suitable location

Review: How to Use a Washing Machine – ‘script and score...

SLAM Theatre's original musical impresses in Oxford before it embarks on a national tour
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Review: A View from the Bridge – ‘dramatic, gripping and surprisingly...

This latest revival of the Arthur Miller classic copes well with its challenging text (and challenging accent).
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Staging Invisibility

The writer of Week Seven's Hustlers at the BT discusses the concept of the hustler and diversity in theatre
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Review: The Tempest – ‘exploit the comic potential in Shakespeare’s verse’

RJ Productions present an enjoyable rendition of Shakespeare’s last solo-authored play, whose strongest points lie in its subtler elements
Two people stand on a box with two people either side, all of them are singing

Review: Ordinary Days – ‘brings the score to life in quite...

A rom-com premise gives way to a brilliant musical at the BT, with endearing and relatable performances
Two women sit on a bench in dungarees surrounded by vegetables.

Review: Allotment – ‘as if the audience is intruding upon the...

MuckyOven Productions present an intriguing play about gardening, sisterhood and the passing of time.
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Review: (The Wings of the) Seagull – ‘leaves you frozen’

This one-actor show from mealspiel easily wins over its audience, with laugh-out-loud moments interspersed with stomach-churning horror.