Wednesday, October 20, 2021
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Magdalen College reopens to tourists despite delayed student returns

Magdalen College, Oxford has reopened to tourists, despite the fact that not all students will return to the college grounds until mid-May. Under current government...

PresCom ask that colleges allow standardised self-certification to return

"As adults from a variety of backgrounds who have all faced different experiences of the pandemic, students themselves are at best placed to decide if returning is the most appropriate option for them...As representatives of our JCRs, we know of circumstances where students have not wanted to disclose particularly sensitive information (despite the confidentiality of the process) which created a barrier preventing some students who nonetheless need to return for the sake of their wellbeing."

Some students can return to university from 8th March

Students on practical courses or those who require specialist facilities can return from 8th March, but other courses will continue to be conducted remotely.