Monday, January 24, 2022
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Tag: Terrorism

Vigil for Sri Lanka held at University Church

About forty people, including members of the University’s Sri Lankan Society, attended the Candlelit Vigil at St Mary’s on Sunday.

Teenage boys arrested over neo-Nazi graffiti in Headington

"Reassuring (to an extent) that organised Far Right extremism is not behind the incident. Oxford will go on being watchful for such extremism. Deeply worrying that children would do this.”

Entitled to return?

Forget it , says Colleen Cumbers In 2015, Shamima Begum chose to leave the UK to join the Islamic State. From that moment, she became a traitor to...

The Las Vegas shooter was no lone wolf – he was...

Jessica Smith argues that if America is to start taking gun control seriously, it must first rectify double standards in its justice system

Politicising terror in an attack on Muslims is morally bankrupt

Claire Heseltine argues that redundant soundbytes relying on sweeping bigotry only create greater alienation and radicalisation

A spectre is haunting Europe

Richard Birch reflects on what the new year may hold for Paris