Monday, October 25, 2021
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Tag: the north wall

Review: “Smart Casual” // GOYA Theatre

'For a student work the topics discussed are close to home. It’s why the promise of a grounded and tender depiction of undeniably important years works so well. The piece made me feel like that time could be a bit more real, and so a bit more manageable.'
A band performs on stage in blue lighting

Electrolyte – an energetic fusion of electronica and spoken word

A dizzying exploration of mental health at The North Wall holds promise, but is undermined by its simplistic ending.
A young black man in school uniform raises both fists as if about to fight, against a dark bleak background

Review: Good Dog – ‘reflects an experience that many can relate...

Arinzé Kene’s Good Dog portrays the harsh reality of growing up in inner-city London as a young black man

The Dark Review – ‘calls our attention to the othering of...

Taiwo Oyebola finds that poet Nick Makoha's new play uncovers the stark realities of a refugee's journey.