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'The clocks cry her name from Outside the door; Their hands are stiff and still.'


'I rue the lost hours and days: a finite life, this one'

Four Panels and a Pen

"Find us together: tiptoeing across the fanning pages of a calendar."


Regaining my youth only means losing you all over again.


So let us meet at the station, then, and what happens after we can decide again

Sun sets, small town

So the masks are sloughed off, and my heart stretches a shining ladder, reaches


made its blades stand sentinel and straight, made the lock stick on the kissing gate

In Winter

if I listen to the breeze I hear night


She leant back and let the blade of his shoulder frame the picture, for that’s how she would replay it in her head.

Walking Together

Because I’ll miss you became The I love you for friends

Beyond the window

Fated to be caught perpetually behind the window, always waiting for that elusive tomorrow.

Counting Blues

I guess being a fresher means that week 5 blues hit you the hardest. I was sitting in a lecture the other day, a...

Summer and Smoke Review – ‘re-staged inventively, but unpretentiously’

Rebecca Frecknall's musical re-imagining of William's play at the Almeida is dazzling

Against Using Bells to Tell the Time

William Brown expresses his frustration at Oxford's need to constantly remind you of the time

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