Wednesday, September 15, 2021
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    Tag: Tingewick

    Picture of Tingewick's runners.

    Oxford medics raise nearly £4000 for charity after running the height...

    "A team of Oxford medicine students from Tingewick have climbed a total of 22,862m, which is over the height of Olympus Mons, the largest planetary mountain in the solar system and twice and a half times the size of Mount Everest, by running up Headington Hill over the weekend."
    Oxford Unlocked raffle poster.

    Tingewick launch raffle to fund Oxford Hospitals charity and Calon Hearts...

    "Prizes included in the latest raffle hopes to promote local businesses, with prizes including a bag of coffee beans from The Missing Bean and Jericho Coffee Traders, a pair of tickets for an event at The Bullingdon and an £849 touring bike donated by Cycloanalysts."