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Tips for being sustainable when travelling

"Travelling can leave huge footprints on the environment, so if we visit a destination abroad, we should do our bit to reduce this impact"

A love letter to Marseille

450 miles south of Paris and the same distance across the Mediterranean from Algiers, a mere afternoon’s drive to the Spanish and Italian borders,...

Stepping into the unknown: anxieties about the year abroad

The Year Abroad – exciting and ominous words which all students of Modern Languages are faced with from the moment they begin university. Echoes...

Day 1 – Au Paris

Libby Bull describes how her travels to Paris went "off the rails"!

“Rotterdam is anywhere, anywhere alone…”: A Literary Pilgrimage

'If I do go to these places, I won’t need to be transported to a fictional world for them to be magic. They’ll be wonderful because I went there, and had fun, and lived a life that is far less exciting than those of the characters, but was good all the same.'

So long, farewell: the UK’s decision to leave Erasmus

Like a parent disguising a plate of vegetables as a dessert, Johnson desperately promises, in true Trumpian fashion, a ‘bigger and better’ programme. See previous claims on a ‘world-beating’ track and trace scheme, if you need reminding of how boasts work out in this government.

A Quick Trip Far Away

"One summer, a summer which now seems to have passed by long ago, I slept and dreamt for the first time on the mainland."

Students remaining at university can return to Tier 4 areas for Christmas, says Universities’ Minister

Universities' Minister Michelle Donelan has confirmed that students who are living in university accommodation over the vacation may return home for Christmas, even if...

From Istanbul to Oxford

The exhibition highlights coffee’s sociable origins embedded within a culture of meeting to talk and read. Although sadly underplayed, the most insightful element of the display is the recognition of the culture clash.

From Paris with Love

"If we can do this, we can do anything."

Travel writing remains unrivalled

The art form which continues to provide the greatest insight into other cultures

The tradition of ignorance in English travel writing

The linguistic and cultural superiority that lives on into the digital age

A slow descent to hell

Cramped seating, culinary complaints and clapping for a landing. Becky Cook hates planes.

An improbable journey to the East

Sam Dalrymple reflects on mundanity and self-discovery in Bouvier’s The Way of the World

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