Wednesday, November 25, 2020
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    From Istanbul to Oxford

    The exhibition highlights coffee’s sociable origins embedded within a culture of meeting to talk and read. Although sadly underplayed, the most insightful element of the display is the recognition of the culture clash.

    From Paris with Love

    "If we can do this, we can do anything."

    Travel writing remains unrivalled

    The art form which continues to provide the greatest insight into other cultures

    The tradition of ignorance in English travel writing

    The linguistic and cultural superiority that lives on into the digital age

    A slow descent to hell

    Cramped seating, culinary complaints and clapping for a landing. Becky Cook hates planes.

    An improbable journey to the East

    Sam Dalrymple reflects on mundanity and self-discovery in Bouvier’s The Way of the World

    Hints for female travellers

    After an eye-opening voyage across Europe, Kathleen Farmilo notes the modern dangers facing female backpackers

    Occupy Mars with Kyle Grant Last week, we went to the Oxford University Aeronautical Society event with Kyle Grant. In collaboration with NASA, his project specialises in the design...

    Kawaii Couture

    Street style in Tokyo is famous for bold fashion statements – Jasmin Yang-Spooner looks into the concept of kawaii in Japanese fashion

    Walking the pilgrim’s way

    Looking back at his exhibition 'We will meet', Alvin Ong tells Sophie Jordan of his walks along the thin line between memory and fiction