Thursday, May 23, 2019
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Where does America go from here?

Zoe Fannon explores how Donald Trump won and argues that American liberals need to step up to their democratic responsibility now more than ever

America’s values will survive President Trump

Alastair Pearson argues that the American Republic is well-equipped with the means to respond to Trump’s authoritarianism

Was Tuesday night really such an upset?

Bernard Stanford argues that had we paid better heed to the warning signs, we would not have been so shocked by Trump's victory

College heads condemn Trump victory

College principals and influential university voices react to the United States' shock election result

Boiling blood and four years of fear

A view from abroad: Munawar Rahman writes about what it feels like being Muslim-American after Trump's election

Trump: the future of American politics

Fred Dimbleby considers Trump's shock victory and its likely effects on the next four years

Memes, Trump and MLG

William Shaw analyses the past, present and future of YouTube memes

Republicans in Oxford: the US presidential election

Alastair Pearson explores the experiences of American conservatives in Oxford in the days leading up to the US presidential election

Oxford researcher suggests Donald Trump has stronger psychopathic traits than Hitler

Dr Kevin Dutton's study scores Donald Trump at 171 on the PPI-R test for psychopathic traits.

A day at the races

John Maier reviews the recent glut of political leadership contests
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