Friday, April 16, 2021
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    Tuition fees to be temporarily frozen prior to review

    University tuition fees for UK residents will be temporarily frozen before the government comes to a decision about whether to cut them, according to...

    Investigation: Scottish Under-representation at Oxford

    In May 2020, Oxford celebrated as the proportion of state-educated students at the university hit 62.3%. In a triumphant foreword to the Annual Admissions...

    Opinion – Tuition Fees: We Demand a Refund!

    Drunkenly, you thrust 99p towards a cheeseburger in Maccies, post Park End. Eagerly, you anticipate the bun, the cheese, the sauce, the onions, the patty and...

    Should we reduce tuition fees?

    Marcin Pisanski and Thomas Laver debate how we should respond to the recent government report.

    Tuition fee ‘cut’ to cost grads more in debt repayments

    Despite being billed as a cut in fees, the Augar proposals would see students pay far more in the years immediately following graduation, and probably in the long-term.

    A fee hike for international students is deeply unfair

    Increasing already extortionate fees will make the lives of international students even more difficult.

    Government review calls for tuition fees to be cut to £7,500

    The review calls upon the government to reduce the annual university tuition fee from £9,250 to £7,500, as well as to reduce the level interest rate on student loans from 6.3% to 1.5%.

    Scholarship launched to help “break down barriers” for Muslim students

    The scholarship is open to UK Muslim students facing financial hardship

    Andrew Adonis: “Increasing tuition fees has made the Tories unbreakably toxic”

    Infrastructure tsar Andrew Adonis’ attack on vice-chancellor pay has thrust him into the centre of politics. But, he tells Will Dry, this is only the beginning.

    Richardson’s indefensible pay is a product of the marketisation of education

    The vice chancellor's £350,000 salary betrays a worrying trend in higher education that sees bureaucrats rise while academics fall.