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University begins to clear Pitt Rivers encampment

Oxford University is clearing the Natural History Museum lawn, where Oxford Action for Palestine (OA4P) built their first encampment, after fencing it off on...

How To Grieve a Stolen Diary

Elizabeth Bishop’s poem ‘One Art’ is beautiful because of its hypocrisy. The speaker exalts loss - of places, names, houses, their mother’s watch -...

A queer exploration of new age romance: ‘Best of Five’ Review

"Watching ‘Best of Five’ felt like I was watching a combination of mine and my friends' university experience playing out in front of me. "

The Rooms Before Me

"How can we make a space our own, for the brief interim where it is indeed our own, when we know that it carries so much history of so many people before us, within it?"

Oxford turns to public to collect artefacts for new digital World War II archive

Their Finest Hour, a University of Oxford project launched in July 2022, has received funding from the National Lottery Heritage and will be made...

Seasonal Depression: otherwise known as the Michaelmas Blues

"This time of year can be difficult for some, and while this is not a new discovery, it is more important now than ever to look after yourselves and look out for your friends."

Diary of a temporary typhus patient

"I will likely be the best looked-after Typhus patient in history, which makes me feel perversely fortunate."

Striking the balance at university

"I wish I could be in two places at once, but as fun as this term has been, I am also aware that it has been packed that little bit too full."

Forget the Blues – It’s time for Oranges!

"I realised essays can be hard, but they can also be fun, and they can also be difficult, but then I can have a dance afterwards."

The conundrums of a PhD: student or employee?

"We get paid, but don’t have to pay tax, carry out research but are not a member of staff, and sometimes even teach other year groups what we know."

The pressure of choosing your degree

"The future is always scary – I get stressed about what I am doing next week, never mind next year."

Everything I know about (uni) love

During summer vacation, as part of my mission to read as little of my reading list as possible, I picked up Dolly Alderton’s first...

Navigating uni as an international student

"Starting university and moving to a new city can be daunting enough on its own, but when the transition from home to campus also involves changing countries, the entire process becomes all the more complicated."

Seeking disability support at university

"For those students looking for advice on a situation or who would like to meet students from across the university, you should look into joining DisCam."

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