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Impossible heights: meat-free meat turns hyper-realistic

Two weeks ago, fast-food giant Burger King hit the headlines with the announcement that customers would soon be able to find the...

Restaurant review: Rick’s Kitchen

Oliver Black writes about his chance encounter with Rick and his kitchen.

Flexitarians: Weird but OK?

Is flexible vegetarianism a more sustainable path towards a healthier planet?
Spread of many fruits and vegetables in bowls

Ten reasons you should try Veganuary

The food we eat seems to be all the talk in the media. From William Sitwell’s comments on veganism to the establishment of World Vegan...

A coffee break at Common Ground Workspace

A taste of the new pop-up on Little Clarendon — a shared workspace that offers conversation as well as a caffeine kick

Trying to ‘Feaster’ ethically

The Easter Weekend is now focused on the wrong things

Recipe corner: veganism

Veganism is not that difficult

Restaurant Review: Happy Friday Kitchen

It's worth the journey into Cowley for this vegan comfort food

The planet saving solution on our plates

As fear of environmental disaster escalates, Tom Ash argues that the solution is right in front of us, if only we could skip the late night kebab

Recipe: Crispy mock duck pancakes

Kanak Shah shares a free-from alternative to a classic Chinese recipe
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