Friday, December 3, 2021
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Tag: working class

TikTok’s toxic ‘chav’ trend

"It seems the ‘chav’ caricature, which depicts the working class as trashy, aggressive and antisocial, is making a sinister comeback among a generation who appear ignorant of its role in demonising the lower classes."

Opinion: Why I won’t volunteer for access events

"When it comes time for college to recruit volunteers for open days, I find myself asking why, as a gay working-class man, would I recommend someone to study in a place which has made me feel so unwelcome."

Don’t be fooled – in Lockdown Britain, the working class will...

‘The burden of keeping our society running has been placed on those least respected by it.’ Lauren Shirreff discusses the vulnerable position of Britain's poorest.

Working-class, Oxford educated

Getting used to uni is hard enough. But things get complicated when you feel like you don’t fit in Oxford may be celebrating a...

Hertford becomes ninth college to create JCR class representative

The three worst performing colleges for state school admissions – Christ Church, Trinity, and St. Peter’s – are yet to have a Class Rep or similar position on their JCR committee