Friday, July 30, 2021
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    THRIVE OR SURVIVE? Experiences from Year Abroad

    BERLIN - Marte van der Graaf I didn’t want to go on a year abroad at all. I remember telling my mum at the end of...

    Arab States of Mind

    Anyone who has ever watched a mid-noughties rom-com, is familiar with the idea that you are what you wear.  We might have moved on from...

    University to fund Erasmus alternative in case of No Deal Brexit

    The University has made an “open-ended commitment to funding exchange activity".

    From Paris with Love

    "If we can do this, we can do anything."

    Let’s Talk About: The Year Abroad

    While moving abroad might seem daunting, Alex Burgar reminds us there's also a lot to look forward to

    “There’s more to life than academic work: I only wish I’d...

    Róisín McCallion discusses her experiences with mental health and the pressure to succeed at Oxford

    “You know it’s the centenary of the Russian Revolution, right?”

    James Tibbles sees a disconnect between Russian and British approaches to the Revolution’s centenary

    My town and my gown: fruit-picking in the south of France

    Emma Leech considers how her Oxford experiences prepared her for a month on a French farm

    Letter from abroad: Salamanca

    Claire Leibovich discusses trying to shake off Oxford pressures while in Spain

    Letter from Abroad: Yaroslavl

    Pip Cull is greatly envious of Russia’s readiness to embrace childhood fantasy