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The words 'Hoof and Horn Productions, The Witch of Edmonton' are superimposed on a green background, as well as the names of the writers/directors of the play. A black silhouette of a tree intertwines with the words

Preview: The Witch of Edmonton – ‘promises a sufficiently sinister experience’

Hoof and Horn Productions' take on The Witch of Edmonton heads to the BT Studio in Seventh Week
A black and white image of a group of four people casually sitting against a garage door

Staging Invisibility

The writer of Week Seven's Hustlers at the BT discusses the concept of the hustler and diversity in theatre
Two people stand on a box with two people either side, all of them are singing

Review: Ordinary Days – ‘brings the score to life in quite...

A rom-com premise gives way to a brilliant musical at the BT, with endearing and relatable performances
A cartoon drawing of a young man in a green morph suit, holding a pregnancy test, with a penguin standing next to him and a crab next to his feet. The words 'The First Last' are written next to him

Review: The First Last – ‘an unmitigated triumph’

Student playwright Matt Kenyon's hilarious comedy about unplanned fatherhood is on at the BT Studio until Saturday
A young woman and man sitting on the floor in a living room; the man looks off to the side and the woman is looking at him

Review: Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons – ‘complex but never cumbersome’

With a compelling performance and effective use of lighting and music, Dromadaire Productions encourages us to consider the importance of communication
A group of figures stand above a dead body.

Review: The Reunion(?) – ‘a subversive new take on the classic...

The Oxford Revue's latest show builds up to a brilliant punchline
Two women sit on a bench in dungarees surrounded by vegetables.

Review: Allotment – ‘as if the audience is intruding upon the...

MuckyOven Productions present an intriguing play about gardening, sisterhood and the passing of time.
A young woman staring straight ahead, with the words 'How far would you go?' superimposed over her face

Review: Four Men in Their Respective Cells – ‘a whistle-stop psychological...

Though hitting the right notes thematically, Four Men in Their Respective Cells lacks polish and a conclusive ending
A woman sitting on a chaise long, dressed on an old fashioned dress, looking at a man dressed in white robes with a red cross on the front

REVIEW: The Ruling Class – ‘actualises an eccentric and absurdist sense...

Stage Wrong Productions' The Ruling Class delivers an outrageous and satirical examination of English upper-class society
A man huddles on the grass with a woman looking over him

The Ruling Class – ‘a new beast, though one they are...

Stage Wrong Productions tackle the challenging black comedy on at the BT in third week.
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