Wednesday, April 24, 2019
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Colleges back proposal to include PPHs in CCS

Four colleges have passed the motions, with ten more due to vote on the issue

Revealed: Colleges’ property investments worth £1.5 billion

Colleges' holdings encompass an area bigger than the Mediterranean island of Malta

Exposed expenses hide a darker truth

College heads’ personal expenses are shocking, but the real problem is transparency

Colleges share more similarities than differences

“We all go to the same lectures and many colleges share tutors"

Why money matters: college financial and educational disparities revealed

Cherwell analysis of exam results data shows that seventeen of the top twenty best academically performing colleges are also among the top twenty richest colleges

Boris Johnson cancels press conference at Keble College

Johnson had been due to meet with his German counterpart at the press conference

Female lecturers: a rare sighting

Newly released figures on Oxford’s gender pay gap reflect an absence of females in senior university positions

LGBT flags deserve more than a week

February is LGBT history month. The flag should fly for all four weeks

Less than one third of Oxford colleges signed up to pay...

Only eleven of Oxford’s 38 colleges are currently accredited living wage employers

The collegiate system is in need of change

The vice chancellor's proposals to increase Oxford centralisation are both innocuous and sensible, writes Daniel Kodsi
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