Friday, October 22, 2021
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Opinion: Why I won’t volunteer for access events

"When it comes time for college to recruit volunteers for open days, I find myself asking why, as a gay working-class man, would I recommend someone to study in a place which has made me feel so unwelcome."
Obama greets the cast of Hamilton

When Will We Be “Satisfied”? – Hamilton And Its Discontents

Four years after the now familiar opening thumps of Hamilton were first heard, the White House has met the Mouse-House; Disney+ allows subscribers to...

Oxford may accept students from disadvantaged backgrounds who miss A-level grades

“If the results show young people experiencing disadvantage were unfairly affected by the mechanism used to issue A Level grades, Oxford will do everything possible to help these students"
Photo of Radcliffe Camera

Inaccessible: Why Oxford’s latest state-school statistics shouldn’t be celebrated

"These improvements are more about chipping away at a weight on an imbalanced scale rather than levelling it."

Belonging and Burdens at Oxford: Confessions of a BAME Oxonian

‘I’m never going to feel like I belong here!’ It was almost a year ago when those words flew out of my mouth. I...

Oxford’s community: life beyond the spires

Students from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds are twice as likely to be low performers. Think about that for a moment. Sometimes at Oxford it’s easy...

Access scheme launched to pair prospective applicants with Oxford students

Last week two Oxford students announced the launch of Oxbuddy, a new platform that aims to encourage sixth-formers from disadvantaged backgrounds to apply to...

Working-class, Oxford educated

Getting used to uni is hard enough. But things get complicated when you feel like you don’t fit in Oxford may be celebrating a...

Calls for Oxford University to scrap £75 postgraduate application fee

There have been calls for Oxford University to scrap the £75 application fee currently charged to students applying for postgraduate courses. In a resolution...

Mansfield principal calls for 90% state-educated intake

The principal of Mansfield College, Helen Mountfield QC, called for Oxford University to take up to 90% of its students from state schools, in...