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The 2020 NFL Draft: analysis following the success of online format

The spectacle that is the NFL Draft, due to be hosted in Las Vegas, successfully happened entirely virtually this week. A rare sporting distraction...

The 2020 NFL Draft: who should we be looking out for?

The 2020 NFL Draft will be without the pageantry normally expected of the event. It was scheduled to take place in Las...

The other footballers

"The players on this college football team have simpler motivations: camaraderie, love of the sport, and the prospect of beating Cambridge."

Taking a knee is the best way to take a stand

Ana Larasati argues that the #TakeAKnee protests, while controversial, are a testament to the patriotism of dissent

Cherwell Broadcasting visits the Oxford Lancers

Cherwell Broadcasting joins the Oxford Lancers American Football team at a training session

Athlete of the Week: William Szymanski

Cherwell Sport discuss the rising popularity of American Football in the UK with the Oxford Lancers quarterback