Sunday, April 11, 2021
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    Andrew Adonis proposes college for underrepresented students

    Lord Andrew Adonis has called for the creation of new undergraduate colleges at Oxford and Cambridge as a means to improving “access with excellence”...

    Andrew Adonis: “Increasing tuition fees has made the Tories unbreakably toxic”

    Infrastructure tsar Andrew Adonis’ attack on vice-chancellor pay has thrust him into the centre of politics. But, he tells Will Dry, this is only the beginning.

    Richardson’s indefensible pay is a product of the marketisation of education

    The vice chancellor's £350,000 salary betrays a worrying trend in higher education that sees bureaucrats rise while academics fall.

    Louise Richardson attacks “tawdry politicians” over tuition fees

    Vice-chancellor accuses media and politicians of damaging the UK higher education sector