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£2 cocktails and a side of guilt

"Getting excited about £2 cocktails and feeling the tangible benefits from foreign spending power came with layers of guilt as we watched many of our Argentine friends and acquaintances live the full consequences of the country’s financial struggles."

A Brit abroad: student reactions to Argentine assassination attempt

"The overwhelming tone on Thursday night was not one of grave solemnity nor political reflection, but of mockery and exasperation at yet another national crisis."

Why we should listen to the activists of 2020

"You don’t need to “be an activist” to take action." Matilda Gettins explores why, today more than ever, it is important to reflect on social protest movements.

A Green Wave of Change: Why Argentina’s landmark abortion law will leave a lasting legacy in South America

"Argentina is a country where the Catholic Church has historically held sway, and it forms part of a continent where swathes of women and young girls are ostracised, shunned and even imprisoned for wanting to end their pregnancy."

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