Thursday, November 26, 2020
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    The apex of abstraction at Tate Britain

    Anietie Ekanem is impressed by the thoughtfulness of 'Conceptual Art in Britain 1964 - 1979'

    A cultural devolution

    Adam Dumbleton questions the methods used in making culture, history and art more accessible to younger audiences

    Touring the Ruskin Show’s newly-defined spaces

    Anietie Ekanem is taken by the interactive experience of the Ruskin Show

    The full blankness of space

    Emmanuelle Soffe discusses the misconceptions of modern art galleries and the White Cube effect

    Can art be effective as a means of student protest?

    Indispensably inspiring or never as useful as a physical presence? Simran Uppal and Richard Birch debate the strengths and weaknesses of art as a form of protest.