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The Early Roots of Film

The Parisians screamed. And it seemed a perfectly reasonable response. After all, packed into a musty early cinema, they had just witnessed...

The Farewell Review

Seemingly all of us either have or yearn for an affectionate but caustically witty grandmother such as Nai Nai (Zhao Shuzhen), the...

Lenin’s on sale again

We love the idea of effecting change, of putting our own mark on the world. But take a peek under the hood, and the truth is a little less empowering, and far more complicated.

Send in the Clown

Controversy surrounded ​ Joker at just about every stage of its production. When it was ...

Lenny Abrahamson Interview

Never one to stick to convention, Lenny Abrahamson’s self-proclaimed lack of homogeneity in his work is what has led him along his...

Film School- Tales of Coming of Age

In the language of the Aymara, an indigenous South American nation, it is the future and not the past that lies behind...

Food on Film

Food is an important sensual vehicle used in films.

Killer Queers

Does LGBTQ+ cinema, having fought so long and hard for the license to be conventional, risk overprioritizing broad appeal? Isn't it more fun to be the villain? Are 'killer queers' due a comeback?

The Dangers of Disney+

For the past few years, the same small collection of streaming services has vied for the attention of UK viewers. But things are set to change rapidly in the coming months, as practically every big media company will pitch their own tent in an increasingly competitive media landscape.

“All My Loving”- a love letter to the Beatles’ uncompromising “A...

John, Paul, George and Ringo, chased through the oft-mistook Marylebone station, boyishly attempting to evade a hoard of adoring young fans. It is an...
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