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Tom Hanks speaks at Oxford Union

Speaking on Friday night before a full chamber at the Oxford Union, Tom Hanks discussed the importance of empathy in acting, his experience working...

A life on screen

Many claim that the age of the movie star is dead, but Tom Hanks can definitely give them a run for their money. Recognised...

Meeting the President’s Husband: An Interview with Peter Kessler

'Come to Magdalen Monday Movies. You will not regret it. And whatever happens, you're not getting your money back.'

The Identity Crisis of Everything Everywhere All At Once

'In an alternate universe, you are not an Oxford student reading Cherwell. In another alternate universe, you are a pinata hanging from a tree. In yet another alternate universe, you have hot dogs for fingers.'

Female Rage: Too normal to be so rare

'A quick glance at the TikTok search results for ‘female rage’ tells a very interesting story - women, shouting and expressing their anger without shame, presented as though this is something shocking.'

The Super Mario Bros. Movie – A review

'This movie will make you feel like you’re sitting back at whichever Nintendo console you first met that little, moustached man.'

Normalising transgression: A review of Joyland.

'In Joyland, queerness becomes banal, and patriarchy is revealed to be futile.'

Students shoot first feature film in 40 years

Breakwater Pictures Ltd., the limited company which grew out of the student production company Nocturne Productions, finished the shoot of their namesake feature film...

Review of PAMFIR: ‘A raw and unpretentious thriller’

The sounds of heavy breathing and rustling form the first few seconds of Pamfir, the debut feature film of Ukrainian director Dmytro Sukholytkyy-Sobchuk. These...

Top 10 Films for a Trouble-Free Trinity

'For every bit of stress, there’s a summer day, an approaching sense of closure and a long sprawling summer to keep us going.'

Everything Everywhere All At Once: A Review

"EEAAO is a boundary-breaking, deeply entertaining film that deserves all 11 of its Oscar nominations and more."

In Conversation with “Women Behind the Wheel”

"...we wanted to combine the idea of us as two women traveling along this road... while using our journey as a vehicle or an opportunity to meet local women and gain access to their stories."

International Queer Cinema

"International cinema displays queer lives in all their diversity and beauty, in a range of contexts far wider than we can see in Hollywood."

Éric Rohmer: A French Director’s Refreshing Simplicity

"His films are not as stunning, nor impressive, as might be those of his Nouvelle Vague contemporaries, but peacefully pleasant."

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