Monday, May 16, 2022
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ID: The red and white frame of a racer bike locked to a tree. The wheels have been removed. In the background one can see a bench and a road.

Oxford has second biggest bicycle theft rate in UK: numbers and...

"Last year Oxford had the second highest rate of bike theft in the UK, with Cambridge first on the list, evaluations of ONS data have found."

A coffee break at Common Ground Workspace

A taste of the new pop-up on Little Clarendon — a shared workspace that offers conversation as well as a caffeine kick

Student death prompts new bike safety charter

Claudia charter calls on council to improve conditions for cyclists in Oxford

Bike crashes and thefts soar, new figures reveal

Over 2000 cyclists injured in crashes during the last ten years

Oxford worst UK city for bike theft

Bike crime continues to rise in Oxford with 932 bike thefts last year

Dodging Oxford’s cyclists

Emma Leech shares the life lessons learnt from a bike crash

Oxford man arrested after 164 stolen bikes found in back garden

Thames Valley police have arrested a man suspected of handling stolen goods