Sunday, November 29, 2020
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    Student Union cracks down on offensive Bop themes

    The Oxford Student Union’s Inclusive Policy for Events has received media attention for banning offensive Bop themes, such as ‘Vicars and...

    Bop ’til you drop!

    Cheaper, easier and all-round better than a night out, Bops are an iconic part of Oxford life

    Magdalen LGBTQ+ and Entz reps sorry for ‘insensitive’ bop theme

    The theme was subsequently changed to “80s Icons” after members of the JCR expressed concerns that the theme could have encouraged appropriation of the LGBTQ community.

    Bops are for everyone – the themes we choose should be...

    Joe Sibley praises the Mansfield Entz team's change of heart

    Mansfield Entz forced to apologise for ‘420’ bop theme

    The Entz team said they had made a "very significant mistake"

    Crazy bop at Exeter. But where were all the suckling pigs?

    Oxford needs to re-evaluate its disciplinary methods

    Exeter undergrads threatened with ‘serious consequences’ after bop mayhem

    Sub-rector Barnaby Taylor called undergraduates' behaviour "wholly unacceptable"

    ‘Unacceptable’ students damage St Peter’s JCR

    The College’s dean said the incident caused a scout “considerable personal distress”

    Christ Church risk student safety at bops

    Fire safety regulations were ignored for five years

    Ode to an Entz Rep

    Fin Kavanagh reflects upon the realities of one of the strangest JCR positions