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The fourth wall: Looking beyond the lens

Beautiful, sprightly music plays as the two protagonists of Pierrot Le Fou (1965), Ferdinand and Marianne, cruise around in the countryside in...

Preview: Life Of Galileo

Ben Beese preview's Life of Galileo

Fade to Black – a history of the theatrical blackout

The convention which now seems part-and-parcel of theatre wasn’t always there – indoor venues and developments in lighting provided new staging opportunities. But what is the theatrical blackout for?

The Threepenny Opera Review – ‘both unsettling and wildly entertaining’

Faye Heron reviews this term's Playhouse show which she finds serves to bring up important social issues whilst simultaneously being vigorously entertaining

The Threepenny Opera Preview – ‘promises to be exhilarating’

This term's Playhouse show paints a heightened portrait of the inner-city's criminal underworld.