Sunday, October 17, 2021
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Art of Boris Johnson in the House of Commons with words coming out of his mouth which read 'The leaders of tomorrow look suspiciously like ...'

The Undercurrent: the ‘Leaders of Tomorrow’ look suspiciously like the...

In light of this week's political debacle, perhaps it's time to stop pretending that Oxford’s obsession with producing ‘the leaders of tomorrow’ is in any way healthy.

What If Cummings Was Right?

"What if Cummings was right? What if Westminster really is an anachronism- enough to warrant such nutty behaviour and the entrance of such a nutty man? What if it is as hostile to diverse thinkers as he makes it out?"

Opinion – Rebecca Long-Bailey gone: Labour’s long path to eliminating antisemitism...

Firing Long-Bailey immediately should neither be criticised nor excessively praised – it was simply a minimal requirement for Starmer... This was the only clean start possible for Labour.

For Keir Starmer, Silence Truly is Golden

Like it or loathe it, Prime Minister’s Questions is about as close to ‘entertainment’ as you’re likely to get in British politics. Every Wednesday...

Review: Fall Out

Tim Shipman reveals the chaos and bitterness of post-referendum politics

Attacking Kezia Dugdale for going on I’m A Celeb is simple...

We should applaud politicians like Dugdale for showing they are human, writes Honor Brocklebank-Fowler

Labour must expel Ken Livingstone to be serious on anti-semitism

Jordan Bernstein argues that Ken Livingstone's comments betray a fundamental misunderstanding of the nature of Zionism