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Preview: Pleading Stupidity

As Storm Dennis raged, I wondered if it was strictly necessary that I went to the preview of Pleading Stupidity.It was a whole...

Review: Malcolm The Miserable

Ottilie Mitchell reviews new play Malcolm The Miserable at the BT studio.
A group of people standing outside with hustlers written in front in bold white text

Review: Hustlers – ‘a refreshingly raw play’

Hoof and Horn productions impress with a candid look into prostitution and the AIDS crisis
A young woman kneels down in front of a pile of sticks, twigs and leaves

Review: The Witch of Edmonton – Elizabeth Sawyer’s story ‘is brought...

Delivered in the form of a virtual ghost tour, Hoof and Horn Productions' take on The Witch of Edmonton offers an original retelling of Elizabeth Sawyer's story.
The words 'Hoof and Horn Productions, The Witch of Edmonton' are superimposed on a green background, as well as the names of the writers/directors of the play. A black silhouette of a tree intertwines with the words

Preview: The Witch of Edmonton – ‘promises a sufficiently sinister experience’

Hoof and Horn Productions' take on The Witch of Edmonton heads to the BT Studio in Seventh Week
A black and white image of a group of four people casually sitting against a garage door

Staging Invisibility

The writer of Week Seven's Hustlers at the BT discusses the concept of the hustler and diversity in theatre
Two people stand on a box with two people either side, all of them are singing

Review: Ordinary Days – ‘brings the score to life in quite...

A rom-com premise gives way to a brilliant musical at the BT, with endearing and relatable performances
A cartoon drawing of a young man in a green morph suit, holding a pregnancy test, with a penguin standing next to him and a crab next to his feet. The words 'The First Last' are written next to him

Review: The First Last – ‘an unmitigated triumph’

Student playwright Matt Kenyon's hilarious comedy about unplanned fatherhood is on at the BT Studio until Saturday
A young woman and man sitting on the floor in a living room; the man looks off to the side and the woman is looking at him

Review: Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons – ‘complex but never cumbersome’

With a compelling performance and effective use of lighting and music, Dromadaire Productions encourages us to consider the importance of communication
A group of figures stand above a dead body.

Review: The Reunion(?) – ‘a subversive new take on the classic...

The Oxford Revue's latest show builds up to a brilliant punchline