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A woman and man stand facing each other with a clock in the background.

Review: What Comes After – ‘one of the most effortlessly flowing...

Wonderful set design, music, and performance make for a beautiful new song cycle by Máth Roberts

Preview: You Are Frogs – ‘toes the line between playfulness and...

Practically Peter's production will be at the BT Studio until Saturday.
A woman sits with bandages covering her entire face

Review: Bandages – ‘hard-hitting and unromanticised’

With visceral imagery and effective multi-roling, Radical Attic Productions' darkly feminist show explores the inheritance of abuse
Two men on the phone, one wearing pink glasses

Review: Redacted Arachnid – ‘has the audience close to tears with...

The Owlets’ adaption of a Broadway legend provides great character performances and hilarious Beyoncé-inspired dance routines
A poster for the OUDS New Writing Festival 2019

OUDS New Writing Festival 2019 – A Roundup

A summary by their writers of the plays which are part of this year's OUDS New Writing Festival.
An actress looking to the right in the BT studio. Another person sits to the bottom right, out of focus.

Preview: Skin a Cat – an interview with playwright Isley Lynn

"The final scene I saw – a relentless, breezy epiphany, beautifully handled in all its profanity by Tupper – emphasises this point more than any: it’s about 'creating your own metric for your own happiness'."
A woman and a man sit on a bench holding a newspaper and a porno respectively.

Review: Waiting for Gary – ‘surpasses the Beckettian classic’

High praise given to Waiting for Gary for its emotional truth underlying the humour
A group of Oxford Revue performers wear an eclectic collection of outfits

Review: The Oxford Revue Newcomers’ Show ‘Scrapped’ – ‘ridiculous, witty, and...

"No description, no plot summary can do justice to this highly eclectic and wonderfully unpredictable piece of theatre"
Photo portraits of 'Matilda' and 'Henry IV' looking out to the camera. Henry IV wears a crumpled crown.

Review: Pirandello’s Henry IV – ‘earnest production let down by a...

A Tom Stoppard translation of an Italian play is convincing and confusing in equal measure

Skin a Cat Review – ‘rethinks simplistic sexual narratives’

Britomart Productions' honest exploration of female sexuality is on at the BT Studio until Saturday.
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