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Two women sit on a bench in dungarees surrounded by vegetables.

Review: Allotment – ‘as if the audience is intruding upon the...

MuckyOven Productions present an intriguing play about gardening, sisterhood and the passing of time.
A young woman staring straight ahead, with the words 'How far would you go?' superimposed over her face

Review: Four Men in Their Respective Cells – ‘a whistle-stop psychological...

Though hitting the right notes thematically, Four Men in Their Respective Cells lacks polish and a conclusive ending
A woman sitting on a chaise long, dressed on an old fashioned dress, looking at a man dressed in white robes with a red cross on the front

REVIEW: The Ruling Class – ‘actualises an eccentric and absurdist sense...

Stage Wrong Productions' The Ruling Class delivers an outrageous and satirical examination of English upper-class society
A man huddles on the grass with a woman looking over him

The Ruling Class – ‘a new beast, though one they are...

Stage Wrong Productions tackle the challenging black comedy on at the BT in third week.
Photo showing a poster for Love/Sick which is due on Week 2 Tuesday to Saturday in the BT studio at 7:30PM

LOVE/SICK – ‘Your trip to Tesco’s will never seem the same...

Matter of Act’s ambitious new production in an “alternate suburban reality” details the joys of falling in and out of love.

Q&A – a play that ‘takes a turn into the chaotic...

Witty, absurd, and ultimately hilarious, Q&A is an entertaining one-act play, even if at times the dialogue lacks spontaneity
Photo showing a poster for Love/Sick which is due on Week 2 Tuesday to Saturday in the BT studio at 7:30PM

Love/Sick: An anthology of romantic adrenaline and hysteria

A production that tackles what is the most enigmatic of all human experiences: love.
A woman and man stand facing each other with a clock in the background.

Review: What Comes After – ‘one of the most effortlessly flowing...

Wonderful set design, music, and performance make for a beautiful new song cycle by Máth Roberts

Preview: You Are Frogs – ‘toes the line between playfulness and...

Practically Peter's production will be at the BT Studio until Saturday.
A woman sits with bandages covering her entire face

Review: Bandages – ‘hard-hitting and unromanticised’

With visceral imagery and effective multi-roling, Radical Attic Productions' darkly feminist show explores the inheritance of abuse