Thursday, January 21, 2021
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    SATIRE: Bully for You, Bully for Me

    I awake to the sounds of Mall Grab blaring from my phone. I love Mall Grab. His music is sick. I roll over and...

    Beyond the Bullingdon: A closer look into Oxford’s Secret Societies

    Cherwell dives deep into Oxford's clandestine world: Tutors, Tories, bankrolling alumni, and dinosaurs are only the beginning of the world behind doors.

    Review: The Leisure Society at the Bullingdon

    Brian Eno likes the Leisure Society. So does Ray Davies. These facts alone are reason enough to persuade anybody to go and see a...

    Bullingdon ban vote cancelled after raucous meeting

    The future relationship of the Bullingdon Club and OUCA remains unresolved

    OUCA Bullingdon ban reversed after motion branded ‘unconstitutional’

    It comes less than a week after OUCA passed a motion claiming to move it "towards a more open, welcoming, and tolerant environment for all"

    Break ups are never easy

    Let's not praise OUCA's Bullingdon ban: it's a long time overdue

    OUCA introduces Bullingdon ban

    Members of the men's only drinking society will no longer be able to hold any offices within the association

    BAME JCR presidents recreate Bullingdon photo

    "Oxford is no longer just for a white elite. It’s for everyone.”

    Bully takes on ticket touts

    IDs will now be matched with the names on purchased tickets

    Leaked: Bullingdon Club invitation letter

    The letter inviting a current senior member of the Bullingdon Club was found under their bed