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    Dunkirk: the unknown soldier on screen

    'The emptiness should be engulfing. Instead, when Nolan’s films work, they are spectacular.'

    In Conversation with Tim Webber

    Going from an Oxford Physics degree to winning an Oscar for your work on Gravity seems like, strangely, a fairly linear career path. For...

    Tenet review: Can visual spectacle make up for missing humanity?

    After three postponements and millions of dollars’ worth of Covid-induced extra marketing, the much-anticipated action-thriller film, Tenet, has finally greeted a global audience, giving...

    “One of the greatest war movies ever made”

    Matthew Vautrey is entranced by Christopher Nolan's visual spectacle for the summer

    In the age of franchises, are originals dead?

    Calum Bradshaw questions the decline of film innovation in recent years

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