Tuesday, July 13, 2021
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    Tag: Clubbing

    Oxford nightclubs prepare to reopen on 19th July

    Nightclubs have been told that they have to wait until next Monday, 12th July, for final confirmation of stage four of lockdown easing. This leaves them with only a week to properly prepare for their reopening, should the changes go ahead.

    Clubbing in Culture: Rituals of Community-Finding

    On the dancefloor is where you find your people in the deepest sense

    Clubs in crisis: the UK’s declining night time industry

    "If not for a healthy dose of nostalgia to remedy bitter envy, remembering the cultural importance of clubbing will ensure the scene doesn’t collapse entirely."

    Maccies After Midnight

    her mascara was running into the corners of her fake mustache, which had clearly already weathered a serious storm

    Get Withs and Guilty Feminists

    So here I am, tackling this morally ambiguous minefield head on with an investigation into ‘get withs’ and whether or not they really are feminist. Dear...

    Oxford Club Couture

    Feathers, latex, or pyjamas: the dress code for Oxford clubs knows no bounds

    Let’s Talk About: FOMO

    FOMO is more real than we think it is

    Plumbing issues cause cancellation of O2 Academy gig

    Rock band Don Bronco told fans: "a lot of you are currently standing in human faeces."

    Gyaldem Sugar Review – ‘the night shined but failed to sparkle’

    The much anticipated ACS Gyaldem Sugar night fails to land due to a frustrating pace and lack of women artists

    Night Out: the Oxford experience

    The trials and tribulations of a typical Oxford night out