Sunday, November 29, 2020
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    Tags Coming of Age

    Tag: Coming of Age

    Comfort Films – Stand By Me

    "Immature boyishness and naivety are never glamorised..."

    Comfort Films: The Secret Garden

    It is fascinating to me that nostalgia, coined in the 17th century, was originally treated as a physical disease. Nostalgia was used...

    Cleverly Captured Vulnerability in ‘Normal People’

    When I first read Normal People, it was the unwavering emotional rigour of the prose that got to me. Rooney has this...

    Comfort Films: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

    Despite box-office failure, Edgar Wright’s Scott Pilgrim vs. the World has managed to reach status as a cult classic both amongst fans...

    Review: Spring Awakening

    The Oxford Playhouse's Michaelmas Musical proves an ambitious, vibrant and exiting feat.

    Preview: Spring Awakening

    Jaya Rana previews Oxford Playhouse's Michaelmas student musical, Spring Awakening.

    Film School- Tales of Coming of Age

    In the language of the Aymara, an indigenous South American nation, it is the future and not the past that lies behind...

    Citizenship Preview – ‘challenges the binary of sexuality’

    Mark Ravenhill's exploration of the nature of bisexuality in this coming-of-age drama is continually relevant

    Outgrowing the teen trope

    In film characterisation today, art mimicking reality is not the desired outcome. Instead, art is used as a catalyst for wider representation, to inspire us to reflect on ourselves, to be better.

    Lynne Ramsay reminds us that childhood isn’t a fairytale

    Coming of age films are lying; our childhoods are anything but perfect