Tuesday, March 2, 2021
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    Students unhappy with college isolation provision

    A Cherwell survey has found that 57% of respondents were not satisfied with their college’s handling of self-isolation last term. One student commented that...

    Current UK lockdown has ⅓ less impact on population movement than...

    "The University’s Covid-19 impact monitor shows that the January lockdown has so far had “one third less impact on movement” than the initial national lockdown last March, and that some areas are still moving at above 50% of pre-pandemic levels."

    Northern Neglect: COVID-19 Restrictions and the North-South Divide

    "In COVID-19 policy and beyond, the government continues to view the North as expendable, both politically and economically, putting lives and communities at stake."

    Oxford professor claims NHS could vaccinate Britain in 5 days

    The professor also calls for authorities to start treating the pandemic like a war, and that they should drop everything to contain the virus spread.

    Covered Market remains open despite lockdown

    Traders such as Bonners Oxford grocery, Cardew's coffee and tea shop, the Oxford Sandwich co. and Ben's Cookies are remaining open for in-person shopping or providing takeaway food.

    Thames Valley Police will fine those who “wilfully and blatantly” break...

    Home Secretary Priti Patel defended police presence in a press conference on Tuesday (12 January), where she confirmed 45,000 fixed fine notices have been handed out across England for lockdown breaches to date.

    BREAKING: University confirms 45 positive cases this week

    "The University has confirmed 45 cases of Covid-19 amongst staff and students from Early Alert Service tests for the 9th-15th January, with a positivity rate of 20.3%."

    Covid-19 hospital admissions in Oxford have increased steeply in the last...

    “Our hospitals are fuller than they were in March and April last year. We are doing all that we can to care for our patients with COVID but, if people do not stick to the national lockdown rules, we are likely to see cases rise even more and the pressure on our hospitals and our staff will increase further.”

    COVID vaccine can adapt to combat new mutations, says Oxford professor

    Brendan Wren, professor of vaccinology at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical medicine, said modifying the vaccines would be relatively easy. It would involve making small changes to the genetic material they contain and would only take a matter of days to incorporate.

    University announces courses allowed to return for start of Hilary

    Some colleges also suggested that students on these courses could still study at home if they so desired.