Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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    A Return to the Roaring Twenties

    Some modern writers however are predicting that the pandemic will have changed our attitudes towards intimacy forever. Some have even gone so far as to declare the death of the handshake and the hug. However the 1920s is not just renowned for a cultural revolution but also a sexual one.

    Valuing the Future-Present: How to be Taiwan

    "By acknowledging that the future will eventually be the day we wake up to and the problems we encounter, we can make a greater conscious effort to make that future-present a better one."

    How COVID-19 can affect your toes and skin

    ""COVID toes" are a dermatological symptom of COVID-19. They resemble chilblains”, which are red or purplish swellings one may experience if hands or feet are exposed to the cold for too long."

    Science Snippet: Analysis of COVID-19 symptoms on twitter

    "Researchers from the University of Utah examined twitter posts from early April 2020 (and) found references to 36 other unique symptoms, including 3 898 cases of the now well documented symptom of loss of taste."

    Charity choir performs for Oxford care home

    The performance, in a pre-recorded video which opens with members singing and communicating in sign-language, was dedicated to Marston Care Home and Deaf-SELF, a London-based charity.

    Oxford study estimates over 60,000 excess deaths during pandemic

    The study, which looks at the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on mortality trends, reported an increase of 15.1% in the number of deaths compared with the expected level for 2020.

    Oxford scientists prepare to edit vaccine to combat new variants

    Initial laboratory tests indicate that the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine is effective against the B117 variant which emerged in Kent. However, there are concerns that variants which emerged in Brazil and South Africa may be resistant to the vaccines being rolled out worldwide.

    Clubs in crisis: the UK’s declining night time industry

    "If not for a healthy dose of nostalgia to remedy bitter envy, remembering the cultural importance of clubbing will ensure the scene doesn’t collapse entirely."

    Not particularly fusced: reflections on a first term

    Surely having that moment to celebrate and realise that “yes, I made it to f*cking Oxford during a worldwide crisis” seems quite affirming and in line with the Government’s message of being able to have a ‘proper University experience™’, whatever that means.

    University Q&A: No safety net for 2021 examinations, residency requirement remains...

    Oxford University held a COVID-19 Q&A session, answering questions including exam policies, residence requirements, tuition fees, and pandemic response.