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    Book review: The University of Oxford, a History

    Ben Ray digs into this herculean history of the university, undertaken by Magdalen's own Professor Brockliss

    Pokémon Go or Pokémon No? A debate

    Is Pokemon Go redeeming society, or destroying it? Is it to be our salvation, or is this the end of days?

    Film and TV: A summer preview

    Ellie Siora looks to offset the post-term blues through film and TV

    The revolution will be live-streamed

    Daniel Curtis explores the narrative merits of video games

    Poetry: Tpyomaniac [sic]

    Fronk Davey's sonnet examines the perils of typos.

    Cinema’s Resurrection?

    Ellie Siora on how innovative screenings must challenge ‘passive’ binge-watch culture, after attending an all-night Wes Anderson marathon

    Rewind: Orwell’s 1984

    Daniel Curtis reflects on the 1949 publication of George Orwell’s 1984

    The full blankness of space

    Emmanuelle Soffe discusses the misconceptions of modern art galleries and the White Cube effect

    “It’s as though I’m being watched”

    Cressida Peever’s mystery explores the eery blankness of receiving anonymous postcards

    Review: Common People Oxford

    Oxford’s May Bank Holiday festival offering is sun-drenched and musically eclectic

    London, books and bears: an interview with Michael Bond

    “The first time I nearly died was on a Wednesday.” Michael Bond, a smiling and well-dressed 90 year old, leaned forward as he talked....

    “I’m not gonna be crying anymore”

    Richard Birch investigates the sway of alcohol dependence, and the power it can hold over you

    What is an elephant, to you?

    Simran Uppal argues for the universality of religious experiences – including in Oxford nightlife

    Review: The Weir

    There is a certain type of absolute silence that only comes with good storytelling – it is the silence of held breath, of absolute...

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