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Blurred photo of a woman dancing

Live in the Opera House: A Review of 21st-Century Choreography

"I didn’t sit back and enjoy the show. And I ended up with a lot more opinions than I had ever expected four pieces of 21st-century choreography to evoke." Patrick Gwillim Thomas discusses the Royal Opera House's newest choreography project.

Clubbing in Culture: Rituals of Community-Finding

On the dancefloor is where you find your people in the deepest sense

University funds hip hop classes for teens

The classes will form part of a study on the effects of exercise on wellbeing

Fatima doesn’t want a job in cyber – and she knows...

"Fatima doesn’t need to retrain. She trained for decades and invested financially and personally to an arts industry that contributed £32.3 billion to the economy in 2018, according to the government's own report."

Tales of the pole: building strength and self-love

Sharing a video with my grandparents of me pole dancing over Sunday Lunch was not an experience I think either party envisaged. There was...

“I am together”: Love and loneliness in the work of Wim...

In the quasi-apocalyptic gloom of these days, we desperately seek ways to pass the time, to numb our loneliness, to move on. The German...

OUCD look to Showcase event following national success

Oxford University Contemporary Dance is one of Oxford’s newest sports societies, establishing itself in the last three years as a popular group for those...
A group of students standing and kneeling in different-coloured jumpers.

Preview: My Mother Runs in Zig-Zags – ‘shapes the lived experience...

A poetic performance about migration, war and family, with an all-BAME cast and crew, heads to the North Wall in fifth week

Walk Like Natives review – ‘A flash-mob blending into the crowd’

A secret piece of theatre, taking place in central London, is a pure celebration of joy.

Houghton Festival 2017 Review

The brand new Houghton Festival impresses, delights and transcends the music it focuses on all together.